2023 Holiday Gift Guide

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

’Tis the season of gift-giving! Which is why we created the ultimate holiday gift guide featuring corporate gifting dos and donts and the BEST corporate gift boxes for everyone on your list this year! 

Shopping for holiday gifts can be overwhelming — there are so many options, so many people to shop for, and even though you have all year to prepare for it, it always seems to sneak up on you!

That’s why curated corporate gift boxes are a great gift idea for the holidays! At Teak & Twine, our gifts are thoughtfully curated with unique products that your recipients will ACTUALLY like. From tasty treats, to useful tools, to keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come, each gift is designed to create a memorable gifting experience. Not to mention, every gift box is packed to perfection in premium packaging suites that are sure to WOW everyone on your list. 

While the weather outside may be frightful, the shopping is oh-so-delightful! So without further ado, here’s the 2023 Teak & Twine Holiday Gift Guide!

Gifts for The Partygoer

For the folks who are always going somewhere and doing something! Their social calendars are always full, and there’s NEVER a dull moment when you’re with them. These social butterflies love going out on the town, having fun, and being the center of attention.

Our top picks for The Partygoer include The Game Night, which is all about bringing the fun! With a bright, bold color palette, tasty treats, and games galore, this is perfect for the friend who never goes unnoticed!

Another excellent choice is The Toast — this is one of our most popular corporate gift boxes all year round, but ESPECIALLY during the holidays. It’s basically a party in box!

If you’re looking for something with a smaller price point but BIG style, The Winter Cheer is always a good idea!

To take your holiday corporate gifts to the next level, consider adding a branded mugbranded hat, or branded tumbler so your clients remember you long after the party ends.

Gifts for The Homebody

For the person who only leaves the house if they absolutely have to. These folks love creature comforts, indulging in self care, and are fans of all things cozy. You likely won’t see them all winter long because they have gone into hibernation until further notice.

Our top picks for The Homebody include The Harvest, which is packed full of products perfect for the coziest seasons!

For a WOW-worthy gift, opt for The Retreat — it’s beautiful and the perfect way to treat your recipient to a spa day in the comfort of their own home.

Another wonderful option is The New Home, which is a timeless gift featuring a variety of home essentials, like handcrafted soap by Saipua and a tobacco-vanilla custom logo candle by Gold + Ivy.

Gifts for The Sweet Tooth

For the person whose drug of choice happens to be sugar! While their dentist may hope they’ll change their ways, the holidays certainly isn’t the time to hold back…

Indulge your sugar-loving friends this holiday with a sweet gift box like The S’Mores, featuring all the essentials for the perfect bonfire night. Don’t forget to include a branded mug so your gift recipients can sip their hot cocoa in style.

Another extra-sweet option is The Holiday, which has some of our favorite treats like Cinnamon Caramel by Fat Toad Farm and Hot Cocoa Mix from Public Goods.

And for the sweet tooth who also appreciates good style, opt for The Wreath, one of our brand new designs this year that has been flying off the shelves!

Gifts for The Host

For the folks who are brave enough to welcome us into their homes! On behalf of those of us who could never get our houses in order to host a holiday party, I would like to thank all hosts everywhere for volunteering their homes as tribute. I promise I have absolutely no idea who spilled red wine on your new white couch (which is SO comfortable, by the way!)

For The Host (with the most!), our top picks include The New Home, because it makes for the perfect host/hostess gift with its classic look and thoughtful home essentials.

Another current favorite is The Snowed In — with icy blue hues and alpine vibes, this corporate gift box is absolutely stunning IRL and is sure to impress this holiday season.

You also can’t go wrong with a thank you gift box. It’s simple, sweet, and the perfect way to thank any host for welcoming you to their home.

Gifts for The Chef

For the ones who are always trying out new recipes, watching Chef’s Table on Netflix, and insist on being called “chef” while in the kitchen. Whether you know one or you are one, we all know how wonderful it is to have a good cook chef around!

Our top picks for The Chef include The Gourmet, which is all about bold flavors paired with BIG style. With elegant kitchen accessories like a wooden logo cutting board and cooking essentials like Wonder Valley organic olive oil and a chili spice blend by Diaspora Co., this gift is *chef’s kiss*!

Another great chef-approved gift is The Ramen, which is packed with the best umami flavors (like chili crunch by Momofuku) for the perfect ramen night at home.

For a super sleek vibe, opt for The Tuxedo — this luxury corporate gift box includes gourmet goods like espresso-infused honey and Thomas Keller chocolate, making it a killer gift for any aspiring chef who has (Michelin) stars in their eyes.

Pro tip: Gourmet gift boxes make for great premium gifts for clients and VIPs during the holidays.

Gifts for The Cocktail Lover

For the folks who LOVE a good cocktail! Whether they’re drinking them, making them, or talking about them, cocktails are their love language. These mixologists are always a welcome presence everywhere they go — without them, who would make everyone’s drinks at social gatherings?!

Our top corporate gift box picks for The Cocktail Lover include… drumroll please…. our cocktail gift box! No surprises here, this is a great gift for any cocktail connoisseur — deck out their bar cart with a rose gold shaker and matching jigger, handcrafted custom coasters and a set of playing cards, plus fun cocktail garnishes and mixes, this gift has it ALL!

For the cocktail lover who is more of a French 75 or Negroni Sbagliato type, check out The Cheers! This bubbly gift is full of fun with sparkling tea by TOST, champagne-infused popcorn by Eatable, champagne gummies by Sugarfina, and gorgeous handmade custom coasters by Esselle. The Cheers is sure to dazzle this holiday season!

If you’re looking for something with a lot of WOW-factor, The Speakeasy is an excellent choice for any cocktail lover!

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Gifts for The Wellness Guru

For the ones who are all about health, wellness, and mindfulness! Wellness is one of the most popular gift box trends of 2023 and it’s doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. And we are here👏 for👏 it! 👏

Our top picks for The Wellness Guru include The Mindful Moment, which has us feeling zen just looking at it! This gift is full of meditation favorites like mindful affirmations cards by Intelligent Change and chamomile tea by Rishi Tea. And the air plant is such a lovely touch!

Another thoughtful gift idea for the wellness friend in your life is The Gardenia. This is one of our OG gift designs and it is always a hit — with a floral facial steam by Palermo Body, a eucalyptus-jasmine custom logo candle, and vanilla shortbread cookies from Rustic Bakery, The Gardenia is an obvious choice.

If you’re looking for a mindfulness-themed gift, The Peace of Mind is the way to go. Filled with soothing bath essentials plus mindfulness cards by LSW, this meditation gift set is ideal for anyone who is all about protecting their energy. For bonus points, consider adding branded headphones so your recipients can listen to their favorite calming tunes.

Gifts for The Foodie

For the folks who have tried EVERY restaurant in town and share strictly food related content on their Instagram! Foodies are always good friends to have in your corner. After all, they always have a reservation at that spot that’s IMPOSSIBLE to get into.

Our top picks for The Foodie include… (you’re never gonna guess this)… The Foodie! With kitchen essentials like a handcrafted wooden logo cutting board and brass cheese knife (perfect for a little charcuterie spread!) plus other snacks and cooking favorites, this is the perfect corporate gift box for your foodie friend this holiday season!

For the foodie that strictly dines at Michelin rated restaurants, check out The Tuxedo. It’s sleek, it’s luxurious, and it will impress even the most discerning of foodies!

And for the foodie who just loves to snack, The Sweet & Salty will easily be the best gift they receive this year. I mean, what more could a foodie want for Christmas than food?!

Gifts for The Coffee Lover

For the ones who can’t live without coffee! These are the people who always have a coffee mug in tow, are experts in all the different kinds of espresso drinks, and have a never-ending knowledge of coffee bean varietals. Give them a buzz this holiday season with some well-caffeinated gifts!

Our top picks for The Coffee Lover include The Energize, a small-but-mighty client gift basket that is packed with style. This is a no-brainer for the friend who NEVER skips their daily coffee break.

Another gift to get their buzz on is The Cup of Joe, featuring pour-over coffee packets by Verve, cookies by Rustic Bakery, plus a custom logo candle alongside a plaid custom matchbox. What’s not to love?!

Or perhaps The Home Office is more of what you’re looking for — this popular custom gift for tech executives is always a hit, for those working remotely or otherwise! With a navy notebook by Appointed Co. and pen to match, a branded mug by W&P, cookies AND coffee by Canyon Coffee, this gift is perfect for any hard worker who loves to stay caffeinated!

Gifts for the Nature Lover

For the folks who love the great outdoors! Whether they have hiked every National Park or simply enjoy spending time outside in their garden, these people get their energy from being at one with Mother Nature.

Our top picks for The Nature Lover include The Recharge — the perfect corporate gift box for any outdoorsy friend! With gorgeous earth tones and wintery treats, The Recharge will have your recipient feeling relaxed, zen, and at one with nature!

Another favorite is our thank you gift box, which has a very natural look and features a lovely air plant. You really can’t go wrong with this gift!

For a breath of fresh air in the middle of winter, there’s The Front Porch — one of our most popular gifts year-round! It is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day, especially anyone with a green thumb.

Christmas Gifts for Her

For the gals in your life! Whether you need something for your wife, sister, mother, friend — we’re here to help you give her something she’ll actually like this holiday season!

Our top picks include The Winter Cheer, one of our most popular mini holiday gifts! With a sleek white-and-gold color scheme, this gift sparkles IRL. She’ll love the custom logo candle by Beverly + 3rd, with Christmas-y custom matchboxes and a gold candle snuffer to match! She’ll indulge in the delightful Coconut Hot Chocolate mix by Treehouse Originals plus a chocolate bar from Mast. What’s not to love!?

For the girl who is obsessed with Christmas (i.e. started decorating the entire house on November 1), The Snowed In is an obvious choice! It’s cozy, it’s chic, and the serene blue color scheme is to die for. Trust us.

Looking for something totally foolproof? You can’t go wrong with The Retreat — seriously, any woman would love to receive a gift like this. A complete self-care package, The Retreat really has it all: incredible bath products by Palermo Body, delicious Canyon Coffee along with a gold coffee scoop, a bergamot and black tea scented custom candle by Sydney Hale Co., plus some of our other all-time favorite products.

Christmas Gifts for Him

Yes, we know… Guys are impossible to shop for. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some foolproof corporate holiday gift ideas for any guy in your life this holiday season!

Our top picks include hot chocolate gift set, one of our most handsome gifts this year. Filled with delicious snacks like cranberry oat chip cookies by Lark Fine Foods, artisanal chocolate by Ritual Chocolate, gourmet hot cocoa by Milla Chocolatier, plus some cozy items like a hand-dipped branded mug, a tobacco & vanilla custom logo candle by Gold + Ivy, and a plaid custom matchbox.

For the guy in your life who loves to eat, check out The Ramen — it’s one of our most popular gifts this year!

Last but certainly not least is The Black Tie — it’s sleek, it’s classic, and it’s full of delicious treats he will love to snack on this holiday season!

Gifts for The "Hard to Shop For"

We all know those people who are impossible to shop for! Whether they have it all already or just seem impossible to impress, shopping for the “hard to shop for” people on your list is always a tough one.

Not to worry, though — we’ve rounded up some foolproof corporate gift box options that are guaranteed to impress even the most discerning of folks. You’ll check them off your list in no time!

Written by Lisa Cox. Updated Nov. 2023.