Custom Swag Boxes

Door Prizes for Fundraisers

What's A Fundraiser Without Great Door Prizes!?

When you work with Teak & Twine, you’ll have a loyal sidekick by your side to handle all of your door prize needs. We’re talking about a dedicated team member who will tailor each package to your exact needs and handle ALL the details.

  • 100% about your brand. We design high-quality kits with custom packaging and source awesome products that perfectly represent your brand.
  • We’re logistics pros. After shipping hundreds of thousands of corporate gifts over the years, we’ve mastered it all: product sourcing, branded packaging, shipping, and fulfillment. So let us handle the heavy-lifting!
  • Customer service is our top priority. Robots may be taking over the world, but we’re all about providing one-on-one customer service here at Teak & Twine (which hasn’t gone unnoticed by our fans!)

Why include company swag in your door prizes?


swag is 50% more effective when it’s memorabl


say the quality of a swag impacts their impression of the brand


of swag recipients did business with the company who gave them a gift

How It Works

Our Custom Promotional Gift Box Process

1. Premium Branded Packaging and Inserts

Our designer will bring your vision to life. We can add your company logo to a custom packaging design that is 100% unique and perfectly represents your brand.

2. Mix and Match Your Swag with Our Vendors

You can fill your custom swag kits with your own branded products, source new products, or mix and match! Just send your swag to our warehouse and we’ll kit everything into the perfect swag box.

3. Pick from Flexible Delivery and Storage Options

We’ll pack and ship all boxes. Simple as that! If you need a long-term solution, we also offer storage options or can set up a company store landing page (aka Gifting Portals, our gifting platform) to make the whole process easy.

You Name It, We’ve Made It!

Custom Packages for All Kinds of Occasions

Custom Swag Bags

Company Swag Boxes

Special Event Gifts

Our Kits Aren’t Just for Door Prizes! They can be for…

✓ABM and direct mail

✓Meetings and tradeshows

✓Company or team milestones

Let Us Show You Around!

Custom Kits for Any Occasion

Branded Packaging

Let your brand shine with custom branded packaging, like a custom printed box for your swag!

Branded Swag

Add one of our favorite branded products to your gift, like Branded water bottles, or custom luggage tags.

Past Work

Get inspired by past gifting projects to level up your swag design!

Gifting Portals

We’ll design a custom landing page for you to send your swag, and collect addresses with ease!

Want a Custom Quote for Your Project? Get in Touch!

Talk to our team to talk about your swag needs. For projects of 40+ gifts, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within one business day (usually sooner!) to get started. For gift quantities under 40, shop here! And if you can’t wait to chat, give us a call at 571-347-7582.

Custom Packages for Door Prizes

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about a custom swag box!

Our custom swag boxes are curated gifts designed to represent a company. These promotional swag packages typically feature products branded with a company logo and are sent to create a memorable experience for the recipient as well as promote the business it is representing. A swag box can contain all kinds of products — from useful office and tech gadgets to snacks or even quirky items, there are tons of options!

Choosing door prizes is like finding the right people for your fundraising committee – recommendations are a must and we are here to help! You could do custom blankets and custom logo candles for a warm and cozy themed door prize. Or you could add branded sunglasses and a custom sweatshirt or pullover to help your attendees who may have discovered the ‘fun’ in fundraiser. If that’s too many decisions to make, don’t worry, we’ll help you pick! You just name a theme or idea, and we’ll curate the perfect gift box to fit your goal.

Yes, we can! Our team can provide branded packaging optionsbranded products with your company logobranded printed materials — whatever you need! Then, we’ll package your swag boxes in our fulfillment center and ship them wherever you need!

Yes! You can send us any swag or promotional products that you already have, and we’ll package them up in our fulfillment center for you! Plus, we have tons of packaging options and branding opportunities, so we’ll find the perfect solution for your specific needs, no matter what!

Yes! We have long-standing relationships with a variety of wonderful vendors and small businesses from whom we can source products (from notebooks to mugs and everything in between!). Then, our fulfillment team can package them along with your swag.

Yes! We offer kitting and fulfillment services for all kinds of projects. We’re happy to take any swag, packaging, or branded materials off your hands and handle all the kitting, assembly, fulfillment — you name it!

Yes, we do! We can ship directly to your recipients or send boxes in bulk to multiple locations.

Yes! We offer storage solutions for an additional cost and can even get you set up with your very own company store landing page (aka Gifting Portals) to make sending swag boxes easy and seamless.

We got you! Our Gifting Portals (aka our corporate gifting platform) actually come in handy for that, too! Your recipients can use the online Gifting Portal to log in, select a swag box, and enter their shipping info – that’s it! to make sending swag boxes easy. Recipients will simply log in, select a swag box, and enter their shipping information – that’s it Our goal is to make sending swag boxes easy, always.

For custom swag boxes, the minimum order quantity starts at 40 boxes.

Don’t panic!! While our average turnaround time can be from 2 weeks and on (depending on the products and size of projects), our team can work miracles! If you have a target turnaround time, contact our team, and we’ll see what solutions we may have for you.

The price for a custom package depends on quantity, product selection, and level of customization. Contact us and get a quote for your project!

Yes! SendosoReachdeskPostal.ioGiftagramAlyce, and are all gifting platforms that we have collaborated with – but if you’re looking for something different, feel free to connect with one of our Account Managers who can design a custom gift just for you AND send it through your preferred platform! 

Ready for Your Best Fundraiser Ever?!